Reactive Floor Coating Systems for industrial flooring made from Methylmetacrylat (MMA resin)










Plastifloor® reactive floor coatings

are floor - coating - systems based on Methylmethacrylate (MMA resin) which are suitable for new building, renovation and modernization of almost every floor.

The fast curing time (only 2 hours) and the working even at low temperatures down to -30º C made Plastifloor® - floor - coating a well - established system for renovation in all fields of industrial and commercial flooring.

Even terraces, kitchens, pools etc. are easy and fast to cover with Plastifloor® - floor – coatings.

If you have high requirements on your floor like shock resistance, high mechanically load capacity and hygiene and still don't want to do it without the right optics should take a closer look at the following pages.

Technical data and a multiplicity of the current references as well as test certificates are shown.

These advantages makes Plastifloor® since more then 25 years a well known and trusted floor coating system - worldwide.

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